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  • BibelMobil

    A bible bus!? You wonder what this could look like? No, it’s not just a bus where we sell bibles, there is so much more to it. It’s a driving cinema with computer stations. The bus we’re driving is ready to be transformed into a movie theatre where we can show exciting and thrilling movies that stir people’s interest in God and the bible. In the trailer we’re bringing we have nine computers which are full with bible games and bible quiz shows where they can win a bible and have some fun, but also learn interesting things from the bible. With this bus we’re going into schools, churches and to big events. It’s incredible to see how God is using this ministry to change people’s hearts and even people’s life. This is our way of trying to reach young people in Austria, tell them about God and show them that the Bible is not as boring as they think it is.

  • LEGO® City

    • 1 weekend
    • 1 SU-Staff worker
    • 400 kg LEGO bricks
    • 8-10 volunteers
    • 25-70 children
    • 4 biblical stories – built with bricks
    • Hundreds of guests in the family church service, watching the LEGO buildings

    Sounds crazy? Well that’s the whole fun with this ministry. No matter if it’s building their dream house, a skyscraper, churches, a soccer field or whatever idea they might have, there is room for all their creativity. With our LEGO City we’re available for churches but also for private Events. No matter if Christian or not, we’re going! The kids are thriving when they see, with what material they can start building a huge 10-meter-long LEGO city. Even parents get pulled back into their childhood and bring in their creative ideas. During our building plan meetings, we share Bible Stories in exciting LEGO ways, sing and share the heart of Jesus. It’s incredible to see how God is moving on those weekends and how such a creative way of sharing God’s word is welcomed in so many places.

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