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    • Overview

      Bible ministry is an important part of all activities for Scripture Union Chad (Chad Bible Reading League). Studying the Bible happens in small groups where meditations and prayer are also part of the program in the churches and amongst the families of the ‘leaguers’ who meet regularly. In the camps for young people, Bible ministry is at the centre of training, along with support through Bible guides. New developments for SU Chad include work in schools and communities where league members are trying to reach out to children at risk.

      Scripture Union Chad hopes to see the dynamic transformation of everyone using of their Bible guides for spiritual and physical development and through this they hope to have an impact on local communities across the country.

    Contact Details

    • Head Office

      BP 4160

      • Leadership

        Président: Djimasra Marcelin

        Vice-Président: Ndoussal Christos

        Secrétaire Général: Guedeunbe Zoukalné Michelet

        Trésorier Général: Mbaiakambei Marin

        Tresorier Général Adjoint: Reounoudji Emmanuel

        Conseiller: Mbainaissem Dillah

        Directeur: Vacant

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    • Religions

      Muslim 53.1%, Catholic 20.1%, Protestant 14.2%, Animist 7.3%, Other 0.5%, Unknown 1.7%, Atheist 3.1%

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    • Official languages

      French and Arabic