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    • Bible Guides

      Hetkinen is a Bible Guide for adults and is SU Finland’s main product. It has been published for more than 50 years and has almost 6000 readers. Since 2019, subscribers can also read Hetkinen’s daily Bible passages and devotions on mobile devices.

      Liftari – sanasta is a separate issue for young people around 15 years old and also for those who don’t yet know much about the Bible. The magazine gives a living image of Jesus that is strongly connected to young people’s own questions and lives. The magazine can be used as for teaching materials e.g. in confirmation schools, but can also be given as a gift.

    • Online Resources

      Raamattumaraton is an inspiring Bible reading program for adults and children together. It can be used alongside adult or children’s Bibles. is a mobile webpage.

      Liftari is a free mobile app for young people for daily Bible reading and studying. It is found in both the App store and Google Play. It can also be used as a webpage

      LiftariPro is a wide mobile resource for youth leaders. It contains varied Bible teaching and inspiring material for Bible work with teens, confirmation school youth and young adults. The page was published in late 2019.

      RaamattuStartti is a Finnish version of e100youth,

      Raamatunlukijain Liitto is a Youtube channel where high quality translated Bible videos can be found.

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