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  • Overview

    SU Taiwan was established in 1961 and currently has 12 branches. Our Vision: Evangelism, Outreach, Generational heritage”. Currently serving Chinese churches in 20 countries around the world, with tens of thousands of Christian believers.

  • Publication Ministry

    1) Daily Bible Notes Devotional Quarterly: It is the most classic reading material for Bible study in Taiwan. Written by Chinese pastors, it is in line with Chinese culture and people’s sentiments. Books for the cultivation of new believers: provide the church with the basic truths of pastoring new believers and seekers, and establish a correct understanding of the Christian faith.

    2) Children’s Sunday School Textbook: Serve the church’s principals, teachers, and parents, cultivate the next generation of wise children, implement Christian family beliefs, take root in the truth, and start from childhood.

  • Children's Ministry

    Publishing children’s Sunday school textbooks, conducting training lectures for children’s teachers, holding lectures on parenting, parent-teacher lectures, lectures on Bible travel for children and adolescents, children’s Bible reading activities, and camp activities. Guide children to understand faith, establish the habit of reading the Bible, take root, and build up the next generation of Christian soldiers.

  • Missionary Work

    1)  Walk thru the Bible: Helping believers to systematically establish the structure and context of the Bible in an efficient and lively way, and overcome difficult to remember history, events, geography and characters.

    2) In addition, SU Taiwan hosts more than 100 “Sunday Sermons” every year, and the senior lecturer group travels all over the city and countryside to serve the church and promote the Gospel.

  • Media Ministry

    The online platform of “the Bible Reading League”, “Scripture Union for kids“, “Learning the Bible in Hakka”, and diversified social media platforms, quickly and conveniently deliver daily spiritual bread and help believers easy to learn the Bible!

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    Mixture of Buddhist and Taoist 93%, Christian 4.5%, Other 2.5%

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