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      How does Bible reading look in a new generation? That’s the question we asked ourselves, and in collaboration with SU Sweden we have developed a social app for Bible reading called ‘BibelTid‘ (BibleTime).

      The reader simply chooses what Bible text or Biblical theme they would like to read and then invites others to read with them – even though not physically together. There is the opportunity to read together, share thoughts and questions. One ‘BibelTid’ user told us that the app had helped her to find the way of Bible reading that worked for her!

      There are potential openings for promoting the usage of the app in churches, at camps and conferences, confirmation classes etc. Helping a new generation to engage in the Bible!

      For more about the app click here.

    • Bible Guides

      One of the tools in the “Bible engagement toolbox” is Bible guides for both individuals and for groups.

      The guides for individuals has a reading from the Bible and an explanation of that passage. It is a very simple and good way of engaging with Scripture in the everyday.

      The guides for groups varies in form. Some include video, others combine individual and communal Bible reading, and all of them gives help to discuss how to understand the Bible passage and implement it in our lives.

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