with a Restricted Country

bringing new life and hope through music

Just £50 could help buy a guitar

A project based in one of our restricted countries which aims to help reach out to students and young people through music is looking for support to develop its work.
In a country where the nation is very hostile to the gospel and public evangelism is prohibited, a ministry through teaching music has become very effective in bridging the friendship gap and reaching people with the gospel.

One of the team said: “In January, we bought one guitar and started to teach five young people and that has helped us build good relationships, which have ultimately given us the opportunity to tell them about Jesus. Every so often, we invite the parents of the five to watch their children. We would like to scale up this ministry in order to reach more young people and their families.”
Many young people have shared how their lives have been transformed through this ministry.
One young person said: “Thank God Almighty for seeing me in the college event and leading me to understand the gift of life, for the gift of salvation and, above all, for the provisions he has made available for me in Jesus Christ. I remain grateful for the song that touched my soul. I want to learn more about Jesus Christ.”

Another said: “My life was empty and broken, but now I think by God’s love and hope I can be filled and live a life to the fullest. I can only give God the glory for the transformation in my belief system. I am learning now that we mustn’t allow our past mistakes to define who we are, because transformation is possible through Jesus Christ and nothing is beyond hopeless. As someone says, ‘There is no pit so deep, that God’s love is not deeper still.’”

Gifts donated here will help buy more instruments to expand this vital work of reaching young people in countries where God’s message of love may never have been heard.