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Ministry Snapshots

Bible Ministry

Bible Ministry is and has always been our core business in SU Benin. We thank the Lord that He has given us the opportunity to work with the other French-speaking movements to promote the work of publishing Bible reading notes for adults, young people and children. Each year we have the huge responsibility of preparing and printing the three sets of Bible reading notes. Because of the needs of this ministry we devote almost all of our efforts and resources to its development and growth.

This year we produced the 5,000 Adult notes, 1,000 Youth notes, 840 Children's notes, and 1,000 notes in the Fon language. We praise the Lord for their distribution.

We are currently working on a reprint of four volumes of Let's Meditate Together for January 2017.

Camps Ministry

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13 11 Benin Camp 5 1200

Contact Details

Scripture Union Bénin

03 BP 2877

Tel: +229 21 32 46 76
Tel: +229 21 09 05 33
Mob: +229 97 32 79 39
Mob: +229 68 88 67 03
Mob: +229 95 52 81 92

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Président: Martin Aderomou

Vice-président: Mme Nickita Aina

Secrétaire: Jacques Wella

Secrétaire-adjoint: Mardochée Y.

Trésorier: Esaïe Kanhounnon

Trésorier adjoint: Eric Mehou

Organisateur: Albérie Aloli-Agbo

Organisateur: Bernard A.

Organisateur: Gildas D.

Directeur National: Assogba Kiki

Comptable: Robert Tetegan

Librarie: Fleurette Aifa

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