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Bible Ministry

Bible ministry is foundational in SU Cameroon. Bible guides for children, youth, adults are produced and distributed with follow-up. Users of SU Bible guides meet weekly in churches and neutral setting. Children, youth and adults come once a month generally on Saturday to share the transformation and challenges thanks to their daily interaction with scripture. This is intended to motivate for regular and consistent interaction with scripture that leads to transformation.

Lifeskills Education

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Contact Details

Ligue pour la Lecture de la Bible au Cameroun

BP 14126

Tel: +237 222 304 083
Tel: +237 222 303 939
SU Centre Mob: +237 698 163 195

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Président: Rev. Jules Kamgue Simo

Vice-président: Rev. Léonard Assiang

Trésorier: Mr Henri Njomgang

Commissaire aux comptes: Raoul Defo

Secrétaire Général: Vacant

Conseillers: Laure Beatrice Nya

Conseillers: Suzanne Fonkou

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    Indigenous Beliefs 40%, Christian 40%, Muslim 20%

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    English and French