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Around the world: In Colombia

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Scripture Union Colombia

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Contact Details

Unión Bíblica Colombia

Calle 83 42A 3 – 24

Telefono Movil: +57 3012 187 982
Telefono Movil: +57 3157 097 815
Telefono Movil: +57 3103 610 166
Telefono Fijo: +57 3048 858

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Presidente: Doctora Marta Rodriguez

Vicepresidente: Doctor Rufino Monterroza

Secretaria: Doctora Gloria Doria Gil

Coordinador Nacional: Doctor Joe Mendoza Rodriguez

Tesorero: Fernando Castro

Vocal 1: Doctora Gloria Añez

Vocal 2: Jairo Navarro

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All about Colombia

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  • Religion

    Roman Catholic 90%, other 10%

  • Population under 15


  • Official language


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