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Ministry Snapshots


SU camps for young people and children started in 2003 and will celebrate its 15th anniversary in 2017. The special focus on each camper, dedicated volunteers serving with love, and the high quality programs, have gained the trust of churches and parents, and is a growing attraction of the young people. Known as ‘The Bible reading camps’ or ‘PLL’ - we serve over 400 campers each year. Children are counting the days to summer or to their birthday so they are able to attend. Camps are held for ages 8-11, 12-15, 16-25+, plus special theme camps. The first generation campers now serve on the team.

Some of the special features of PLL besides intensive Bible use are:

  • Beginning each year’s program by listening to God for keywords and then creating the program around this
  • Having a special 1:1 mentoring time every day for each camper, which often develops into ongoing supportive relationships
  • The team members (about 50-60 each year) meeting weekly through the year to read the Bible and pray.

We are developing our own campsite and are thankful for every supporter helping to get it established!

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Contact Details

Avatud Piibli Ühing

Terase 14-2
Tallinn 10125

Tel: +372 648 56 73
Mob: +372 564 56 142
Skype: vahermari

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Chairperson: Tarmo Lilleoja

Accountant: Martin Esinurm

National Leader: Mari Vahermägi

Children Ministry & Camps Assistant: Vacant

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