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Ministry Snapshots

Scripture Union India

School missions are one of the vital ministries SU carries out in many places in India. When invited, SU conducts a well–organised week-long program for the school. The team stays in the school and leads 4-5 sessions a day, including morning assemblies. If management permits, a session is also exclusively held for the teachers. A good selection of spiritual songs with music, Bible talks, skits, practical talks and media presentations are taught. In spite of various hindrances to proclaim God’s Word, Scripture Union is gaining acceptance in various parts of the country. By the immense grace of God, after several years, SU could extend its work in Pune last year. SU has also spread its wings far and wide in Mahim, Nehrul, Nasik, Dehradun and Bihar, and in many schools in South India. Through these School missions, counselling is also given to the children who come from desperate situations. This personal counselling provides them with an opportunity to turn towards Jesus, the real healer of all their hurts, to give them abundant life. Regular follow-up letters are sent to the schools where SU has conducted missions to maintain a good relationship with them. Around 3, 00,000 students are reached every year through School missions.

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Contact Details

Scripture Union India

27, First Main Road
United India Nagar
Chennai – 600 023

Tel: +91 44 2674 0137

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Chairperson: Mr Immanuel Koilraj

Vice Chairperson: Mr Ranjan Pati

Treasurer: Mr Aylwin Ratnarajan

Secretary: Rev. Dr R. C. Ghunakumar

National Director: Joshua Kirubaraj

Assistant Director: Mr John Fredy

Assistant Director: Mr Jones Israel

Assistant Director: Mr Solomon Kirubharan

Exec.: Rev. Isac Soundararaja

Exec.: Rev. Pratap Gine

Exec.: Rev. Sudharasan


National Director: Mr Joshua Kirubaraj

Personal Secretary: Mrs Grace Roopavathy

Office Staff: Mr Simon Prabhakaran

Driver: Mr Praveen Kumar

Support Staff: Mrs Selvarani

Bible Ministries

Secretary: Mr Solomon Kirubharan

Sr. Clerk: Mr Matthew

Field Staff: Mr Elvis Joseph

Accounts Clerk: Mrs Geetha Joyson

English Department

Dept. Secretary: Mr Samuel Jaisunder

Field Staff: Mr Reuben Clement

Field Staff: Mr Albert

Field Staff: Mrs Grace Johnson

Field Staff: Mr Dinesh Salian

Field Staff: Mr John David

Field Staff: Ms Janet Mary

Accountant: Mrs Sardius Lavanya

Family Ministries

Dept. Secretary: Mr Babu Jacob

Cornerstone House Family LIfe Centre

Accounts Clerk:  Mrs Latha Edwin

Contract Staff:  Mr Edwin


Finance Secretary: Mr Bharath

Accountant: Mr George David Bright

Accountant: Mr Jayaseelan

Ministry to Children in Crisis

Tutor: Mrs Selvi Ananthakumar


Secretary: Mr Solomon Kirubharan

Asst. Field Secretary: Mr Shanmugam

Tamil Publications

Sr Office Asst.: Mr Anand Das

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Avalanche Camp Centre

Field Staff: Mr Richard Ajoo

Supervisor: Mr Samuel Chandrasekar

Service Staff: Mr Ravi

Service Staff: Mr Naveen

Service Staff: Mr Radhakrishnan

Mahabalipuram Camp Centre

Manager: Mrs Viola Jaisingh

Accountant: Mr Daniel Christopher

Office Clerk: Mr Andrew

Cook: Mr Kumar

Housekeeping: Mrs Gomathi

Gardening: Mr Vinoth

Gardening: Mrs Ambika


Field Secretary Mrs Esther Divakar

Field staff: Mr Srinivasa Rao

Field staff: Mr Syam Rajasekar


Field Staff: Mr Dev Mohan

Andhra Pradesh

Field Secretary: Mr Marrie Samson

Field Staff: Mr Praveen Kumar

Field Staff: Mrs Sowbhagyavathy


Field Staff: Mr Prabhat Sanga


Field Staff: Mr. Deepak Chander 


Field Staff: Mr Christy Ashish Kumar


Field Secretary: Mr Jeyaprakash Macwan


Asst. Field Secretary: Mr Joseph Endegeri

Field Staff: Mrs Margaret Snehalatha

Field Staff: Mr L. Chandru Rathod


Field Secretary: Rev. Reji Thomas Chacko

Asst. Field Secretary: Mr Jose Shakariah

Asst. Field Secretary: Mr Varghese Abraham

Field Staff: Mr Anu Samuel

Book Shop Manager: Mrs Susan Thampy

Field Staff: Mr Soj Philip Simon 

Field Staff: Mr P.C. Rajesh

Field Staff: Mr Gigin George

Office Asst.: Mr Regish Raju

Accountant: Mr Lijo Matthew


Asst. Field Secretary: Mr Paoshim Ragui    

Field Staff: Mr Ramchan Vashum      

Field Staff: Arin


Field Staff: Mr Manish Salvi


Field Secretary: Mr Pradeep Mohapatra

Field Staff: Mr Rajendra Swain

Field Staff: Mr Ashish Pradhan

Field Staff: Mr Askinosh Gomango

Accountant: Mr Philimon Mohanty

Office Staff: Mr Bikas Ranjan Nayak


Field Staff: Mr Andrew Chettri


Field Secretary: Mrs Esther Divakar                          

Field Staff: Mr Srinivasa Rao                                        

Tamilnadu (North)

Field Secretary: Mr Thomas Edison

Field Staff: Mr Caleb Karthikeyan

Field Staff: Mr John Chelliah

Field Staff: Mr Aesa Rooban

Field Staff: Mr Ramesh Kumar          

Field Staff: Mr Tamil Selvan

Field Staff: Mr Mangala Jebakumar

Field Staff: Mr Anandhraj

Field Staff: Mr Venatesank

Field Staff: Mr Daniel Muthuraj     

Field Staff: Mr Rajesh      

Field Staff: Mr Daniel Sugumar      

Asst. Field Staff: Mr Jeyaseelan

Accountant: Mr John Ponraj

Tamilnadu (Central)

Field Secretary: Mrs Eunice Elias

Asst. Field Secretary: Mr Billy Zahariah      

Field Staff: Mr Balakrishnan

Field Staff: Mr Daniel Balakrishnan

Field Staff: Mr Gandhi

Field Staff: Mr Johnson Manosay

Field Staff: Mr Kani Raja

Field Staff: Mr Jacob Vijayakumar

Field Staff: Mr Immanuel

Field Staff: Mr Jebin

Office Staff: Mr Augusteen

Tamil Nadu (South)

Field Secretary: Mr John Fredy

Asst. Field Secretary: Mr Daniel Balakrishnan

Field Staff: Mr R. John Stephen

Field Staff: Mr D. Henry Gnanam

Field Staff: Mr I. Solomon

Field Staff: Mr Karthick Pandian Raj

Field Staff: Mr Raja

Field Staff: Mr Jagadeesh

Field Staff: Mr Murasoli

Field Staff: Gelnite Rajkumar       

Accounts Clerk: Mr Gnanadoss Samuel

West Bengal

Field Staff: Sanjib Das      

Office Staff: Mr Samuel Bagh

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