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MusicArt Project

MusicArt is a project that creates musicals with an evangelistic focus. But not only that, it also has a didactic and educative objective: Teaching the Bible through the Art.

The Bible is much more than a book. It is creative, contains history and is alive. It has the power to change lives. There are a lot of stories containing great treasures that should be listened to. MusicArt presents these stories and its applications to teach others about God and His plan for our lives. The content can be adapted to different auditoriums and participating artists, depending on their age, background or skills. The audience has a good time too!

There are many thousands of people around us who do not know about their Creator. One of the main goals of this project is to present the Gospel of Christ to them in a dynamic way. But not only to them, but also to some of the participating artists in the musical who have not yet received the Gospel. Most of them are young people with social difficulties.

Several musicals have already been created and are available to be used by any group and adapted to them. Everything is included in the material - not only the lyrics and music, but also a guide explaining how to prepare, organize, manage and promote the musical.

SAL Project

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Chairperson: Oscar Torroba-Moreno

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Children’s Ministry: Melani Zarco Castell

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