within a Restricted Country

Just £50 can sponsor 10 young leaders to a Student Conference

In some parts of the world being a Christian disciple comes at huge cost as there are restrictions on sharing the Good News and even owning a Bible.

To protect the ongoing work in these countries we are unable to give full details of the projects or name the country involved. But the courageous work of Scripture Union staff and volunteers continues to need support both through prayer and with financial help.

In this country the Scripture Union team is reaching out to children and young people through, Bible study groups, workshops, holiday clubs and other activity programs and events. Their aim is to provide Bibles for the many students they are working with week by week, as they teach and train them in becoming disciple-makers themselves.

Music workshops are also part of the programme in helping bring young people together to study God's word and teaching them how they can be agents of change in their communities.