with Scripture Union South Africa

Just £50 could secure sprinklers to irrigate four trees

Scripture Union South Africa has been helping hundreds of children and young people enjoy a safe and life transforming Christian camping experience for many years. Its Stoney Ridge campsite, located in the beautiful Magaliesburg Mountains, has been reaching out to children and young people each year, whilst attempting to survive through the changing economic climate of the country.

Twelve years ago Scripture Union South Africa began planting pecan nut trees in order to provide a secondary source of income to fund the campsite. Although they currently have 500 pecan nut trees on the site, each tree requires a huge amount of water to produce its yield. The trees have been suffering as there is not enough water available at the site.

This project aims to help increase the yield from the trees and raise the income from Pecan nut sales to finance further development of the mission through Stoney Ridge Christian campsite and schools ministry. If more trees can be watered and nurtured it will enable SU South Africa to reach more children and young people with the good news of Jesus through Stoney Ridge.

The aim of the project is to increase the yield by providing sufficient irrigation for the oldest trees through a new borehole and water storage tanks. Following this work the aim is to provide water for the remaining trees and install pipework and an irrigation sprinkler system, to nurture them.