GCF Leadership Experience

Scripture Union, together with several global children’s ministry organisations, launched the first Global Children’s Forum Leadership Experience in 2016.

The Leadership Experience is a unique one-year program for experienced children’s ministry practitioners.  It is designed so that you continue in your existing SU ministry while participating in the program.

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Go to the gcfleadership website for up-to-date information and contact details.

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The Leadership Experience includes:

  • Mentoring
  • Online discussions
  • Community research and
  • A five-week face-to-face course where participants learn from one another and from experienced facilitators
  • A Ministry Project that incorporates new learning into current ministry.

Participants who complete all the Course requirements are awarded the GCF Leadership Experience Certificate, endorsed by the Cory Centre for Children’s Ministry, Bethel Seminary Minnesota USA.

The GCF Leadership Experience encourages participants to:

  • Explore Jesus’ commission to ‘make disciples’ of children in a world where there are huge challenges created by diversity in faith backgrounds, family experience, safety and access to technology and education
  • Discover what God is accomplishing through and on behalf of children across the globe
  • Experience the richness of working alongside children’s ministry leaders from other parts of the world and other ministries.
  • Share effective models of holistic children’s ministry
  • Sharpen skills and strategies in team leadership, advocacy and collaboration
  • Model Kingdom values of trust, servanthood, transparency and generosity in their ministry.

Who is the Leadership Experience for?

For an SU movement, the Leadership Experience is a great opportunity to invest in the leaders of your children’s ministry and so further your vision for discipling children.

For an SU children’s ministry leader, the Leadership Experience will stretch your thinking, build your skills and develop your character as a servant-leader in God’s kingdom.