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God’s Big Story transforming young lives

God’s Big Story transforming young lives

Please pray with our teams in Hong Kong for peace on the streets & for churches to be beacons of light in the darkest times
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Around the world: In France

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Ministry Snapshots

Camps Ministry

SU camps are managed by Le Rimlishof. Each year, more than 30 camps reaching over 550 children between the ages of 3 and 18 years old are organised. Over the years, more and more families have been touched by this ministry.

We now want to focus on the essence of our SU camps: what makes our camps SU Camps? In 2016, we worked with all our camp leaders on our SU concept of education, which had become very dated. We focused on the biblical approach to be used in our camps. The leaders worked enthusiastically on the project. Our two national SU youth ministry staff also helped the team to learn and practice new interactive ways of sharing the Gospel. The camp leaders did a very good job and came up with many excellent, original ideas. We enjoyed this preparatory work with them! For next season, we plan to increase the number of committed camp leaders, who will embody SU values and be ready to witness in camps.

Refugees Ministry

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Contact Details

LLB Missions

Ligue pour la Lecture de la Bible
51 Boulevard Gustave André, CS 50728
F-26007 Valence Cedex

Tel: +33 475 56 02 68
Fax: +33 475 56 02 97

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    (Daily Bible Readings)

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Chairperson: Bertrand Mathys

Directeur: Jean-Daniel Linsig

National Director: Vacant

Board of Directors: Martine Charlemagne

Board of Directors: Christine Diebold

Board of Directors: David Razzano

Head Office Staff

Children’s Ministry: Gilbert Joss

Bible Ministry Support (communications & fundraising): Eve Rudolph

Bible Ministry in churches and groups: Amélie Franco

Associate volunteer Bible Ministry: David Boydell

Accountant: Mickaël Gros

Secretary: Claire-Lise Civelli

LLB Éditions

Ligue pour la Lecture de la Bible
51 Boulevard Gustave André, CS 50728
F-26007 Valence Cedex

Tel + 33 475 55 95 00

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Chairperson: Jonathan Hanley

Director: Jean-Daniel Linsig

Treasurer: Arnaud Pottier

Treasurer: Pierre Ciclet

Head Office Staff

Accountant: Mickaël Gros

Secretary: Claire-Lise Civelli

Publishing / Literature: Philippe Hochet

Publishing / Literature: Joëlle Affleck

Le Rimlishof Camp Centre

3 rue du Rimlishof
F-68530 Buhl

Tel: +33 389 76 82 10
Fax: +33 389 76 47 57

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Director: Alain Nussbaumer

Chairperson: Thierry Louzy

Treasurer: Bernard Ropp

Treasurer: Anne-Sylvie Besse

Treasurer: Martin Haessig

Board of Directors: Jeremy Rudy

Head Office Staff

Coordinatrice de projets: Claire Matter

Coordinatrice des séjours: Anne Mathys

Employés Micro-crèche: Elodie Laboureur

Employés Micro-crèche: Justine Clog

Employés Micro-crèche: Priscilla Schwartz

Employés Micro-crèche: Marie-Christine Fourmeaux

Employés Micro-crèche: Priscilla Sommer

Fundraising et Communication: Eve Rudolph

Maintenance: Christophe Vionnet

Maintenance: Marc Stehle

Maîtresse de maison: Joséphine Agelas

Secrétaire: Déborah Hegy

Secrétariat familles Primo-arrivants: Adeline Weiss

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    Roman Catholic 83%-88%, Protestant 2%, Jewish 1%, Muslim 5%-10%, Unaffiliated 4%

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