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“Sinnorama” is an interactive Bible exhibition. The subject “God meets people – people meet God” runs like a thread through the Bible and this exhibition. Sinnorama visitors time travel and experience the stories of the Bible with all their senses: the smell of the musty air in the ark; the feeling of old textiles and papyrus; the taste of freshly baked bread and dried fruit; the awful sound of Goliath laughing – all these impressions create an overall and completely new experience of the biblical stories.

There are five different tours:

  • Old Testament: Creation, Noah, Abraham, Moses and David
  • New Testament: The Life of Jesus from His birth to Pentecost
  • A special Advent calendar: Christmas customs and traditions and the birth of Jesus Christ
  • Timeless: The origin and tradition of the Bible
  • The woman at his side: A special tour with actors. The women of Noah, Abraham, Moses and David tell the biblical story from their perspectives

In a time of growing demand for Christian values, the stories of the Bible are brought to people in a completely new and interesting way. Main target groups of the project are school and religion classes, groups from churches and confirmation classes. The exhibition can also be attended by families and individuals.


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Industriestrasse 1
Postfach 8404 Winterthur

Tel: +41 52 245 14 45

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Chairperson: Carola Koch

National Leader: Markus Giger

Business Manager: Matthias Ziehli

Field Staff

Staff: Peter Egli

Staff: Andreas Grossmann

Staff: Stefan Fischer

Staff: Michael Matter

Staff: Ruedi Kündig

Staff: Marc Lendenmann

Staff: Sara Schmidt

Staff: Magda Wassmer

Staff: Steven Leuenberger

Staff: Silke Sieber

Guest House

Staff: Andrea & Raimondo Branca


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