Families together at times like these

Devotion 3: Looking after Number 1 versus Caring for Others

To do

Spotlight: Pull all the curtains in your house and turn off the lights. This game works best at night but can still be fun during the day. Choose one family member to sit in one spot and count to 20. Give them a torch (or cell phone with a torch). The rest of the family goes and hides. At the count of 20 the ‘spotter’ turns on their torch and begins to search out their family members.

Talk about

In some places around the world people rushed out and bought all the toilet paper! What happened to all the people who couldn’t buy any? That doesn’t seem like a very caring thing to do. We have a choice to make. Do we look after ourselves first, or do we care about other people as well? Let’s make the choice to care for others as God asks us to do.


Discuss together

Where have you seen people caring for others at the moment? (This might be in your household, or online)


What does God have to say about this?

As a family read Matthew 5:13-16 together. You can find it online here. (Optional extra: read it in the dark by the light of a torch).

Think about

  • What does salt do when you add it to food?
  • What does light do when you turn on a torch?

Have someone in the family read this out loud:

“The opposite of looking after number one is caring for others. Salt makes things taste better. Light helps us to see. Salt and light make things better. We can make things better for others. We can do this through the words we say and the things we do. We can show God’s love to others. Jesus reminds us that as his friends, he asks us to care about others, not just ourselves. In v16 he says that when we do this, others will see the good we do and give glory to God.”


Choose one or more of these options:

  • Please check your countries quarantine requirements first: Choose five neighbours. Write an encouraging note to each one, letting them know that you are praying for them. Put these notes in your neighbours’ letterboxes or on their doorstep. (Alternatively send them an email or message).
  • Take a prayer walk through your neighbourhood (if you are permitted to). Stop at five letterboxes and have a different family member pray for that household. You could use the blessing from Numbers 6 as an example. Move on to the next letterbox and have another family member pray. (Alternatively, look up google maps and zoom into street view. Pray as you focus on five households near you).
  • Record a short video of your family praying a simple prayer together for your community. You could pray Numbers 6:24-26. Post this on a community Facebook page so that others can watch it and join in the prayer.
  • Listen to: This little light of mine by Listener Kids


Finish by praying this prayer as a blessing. (Numbers 6:24-26 CEV version)

I pray that the Lord
will bless and protect you,
and that he will show you mercy
and kindness.
May the Lord be good to you<
and give you peace.