Around the world in Myanmar


Ministry Areas

  • Bible Guides
  • Bible Ministries
  • Children's Ministry
  • Sunday School Teacher Training
  • Work with those 'at risk'
  • Youth Ministry
  • Contact Details

    • Head Office

      PO Box 1063

      • Leadership

        Chairperson: Rev. Dr Dorothy Colney

        Vice-Chairperson: Rev. Lam Thang Khoi

        Secretary: Rev. Dr Go Cin Zam

        Assistant Secretary: Rev. Judah Zarni Kyaw Lin

        Treasurer: Rev. Ni Hiem

        Youth Mission: Pastor Samuel Hla

        Medical Mission: Dr Yasuko & Rev. Wesley Kyaw Thura

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    All about Myanmar (Burma)

    • Population


    • Religions

      Buddhist 89%, Christian 4%, Muslim 4%, Animist 1%, Other 2%

    • Population under 15


    • Official languages