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Fiji rugbycrop

Opening up the Bible after school rugby games is helping transform the lives of young Fijian players. Two Scripture Union volunteers in Fiji have been travelling with school rugby teams on tour and leading them in Bible studies, alongside their teachers and parents.

SU staff member Anne said, “The teachers eventually gave us an opportunity to conduct a Bible devotion at times which didn’t interrupt the boy’s game preparation. So we would go to the campsite at 5am for Bible devotion, then 4pm after their games before dinner. We were all delighted that the boys enjoyed it so much that the teachers and even the parents started to join in each time we opened the Bible.”

There was further encouragement for the team when on the last day in the Fijian capital Suva, while they were waiting for their bus, a long standing member of the school staff noticed us and said, “Thank you so much for looking after the boys, this is the first time for this school to go so far from their homes and return to the island without anyone being affected by alcohol.”

Anne said, “I was so encouraged by his comment and it reminded me once again that God’s word is powerful and active to change lives!”