The Essential 100 Challenge™ (The E100) is a Bible reading program developed by Scripture Union USA. It is built around 100 carefully selected short Bible passages that enable people to get the big picture of God’s Word and in the process develop a daily Bible reading habit.


The E100 Challenge takes a reader through all of the major types of biblical writing including the Historical books, Poetry and Wisdom Literature, the Prophets, the Gospels, Acts, the Epistles and Revelation. Many churches around the world have already committed themselves to reading these passages together, as a community of God’s people, with tremendous benefits to the church resulting. Scripture Union, in partnership with other agencies such as the Bible Society and Wycliffe Associates, has developed this program in various countries around the world.

The E100 has also been developed for children. ‘The Big Bible Challenge’ is a book and website enabling children to work through these passages with an adult ‘coach’, helping them explore the stories more.


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