Praying at times like these

Day 3: What more can I do?
 Radical times call for radical actions

Martin Luther did not answer the question, “What would Jesus do?” Rather he addresses the question, 
 “What would you do if it was Jesus?”

“This I well know, that if it were Christ or his mother who were laid low by illness everybody would be so solicitous and would gladly become a servant or helper. Everyone THERE would want to be bold and fearless; nobody would flee but everyone ANYTHING would come running… If you wish to serve Christ and to wait on him, MORE very well, you have your sick neighbour close at hand. Go to him and serve THAT him, and you will surely find Christ in him…”

from Martin Luther’s letter to the Revd John Hess, on Whether One may Flee a Deadly Plague

What should I pray for?

Field Development Director for Anglophone Africa, Tony Nzanzah, shares a few areas for prayer. He says, “Life can be unpredictable and it’s important to remember that God is still on the throne!

  • SU Bookshops who depend on physical traffic of customers – for sales and orders of materials and to service orders.
  • Major meetings and activities such as AGMs, Bible Club Rallies, Children’s Camps have been postponed – pray for creative alternatives to what was planned.
  • Clarity and wisdom in the direction of SU meetings and activities especially in planning, reorganising and implementation.
  • We pray for strength, endurance and emotional resilience for all staff, partners and key stakeholders during this trying period.
  • Finances – the current situation (locally and globally) has an economic dimension.
  • The Church of Jesus Christ to arise in unity of spirit and purpose and call upon the name of the Lord, in repentance to save and redeem the people.
  • SU movements in Africa – that they will have adequate resources to sustain essential services and ministry.