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Young ambassadors to help Scripture Union ‘bridge the gap’

Date of release: 21/02/2024

A former catwalk model, a limousine chauffeur and a refugee are among 43 young people from 40 different countries who will join in an extraordinary global event in Malaysia next month.

The group of Young Ambassadors is being brought together by Scripture Union International (SUI)* for a Global Gathering of Scripture Union leaders and volunteers that will look at how to bridge some of the greatest gaps affecting children and young people across the world. 

The 43 Scripture Union Young Ambassadors aged between 18-35, who have been working together for the past nine months online, will present their experiences on a range of issues from creation care and injustice to holistic mission and innovation. Their daily presentations, around the theme of Bridging the Gap, will contribute to discussions and plans on how to continue to engage and support the next generation of children and young people around the world where Scripture Union teams are operating.

More than 300 Scripture Union representatives from 100 different countries will meet from 4-8 March in Kuala Lumpur, when they will be joined by three keynote speakers including: 

Each of the speakers will examine key gaps in society, including the gap between the church and the world, the generation gap and the gap caused by social divisions and injustice. 

International Director for SUI, Monika Kuschmierz, said: “We live in an age where humanity easily and increasingly polarises around issues of climate, vaccines, politics, gender and theology, to name a few. We do not want to be part of the current polarising pandemic as we continue to work with churches to respond to a world in need.

“Our challenge globally is how Scripture Union can remain relevant and respond to a fragmented and divided world. And find the best way to help children, young people, families, and communities to navigate their way in challenging and sometimes dangerous situations.”

Monika said she is very excited to be working with the group of Young Ambassadors who will be an integral part of the program focused on Bridging the Gap. “In Kuala Lumpur we will seek God together for how Scripture Union as a global movement can best help build ‘bridges’ in this polarised world.”

See below for information on three of the Young Ambassadors taking part in the Scripture Union Global Gathering.

Three Young Ambassador profiles:

Carsten Staib, is from Scripture Union Austria, where he works as a Project Coordinator.

He said: “One of the most interesting jobs before I joined SU was as a limousine chauffeur. Back then I served the richest people until God called me to serve the most valuable people, the people I get to know through my work at SU Austria! I’m excited as a Young Ambassador to express the lifestyle, the concerns and feelings of the younger generation within the SU movement.”

Duty-K was a model before she joined Scripture Union Botswana.

She said: “I always believed I could go through the modelling industry without compromising my faith, and it is possible. Faith has helped me to have principles to work on. My confidence comes from knowing who I am in Christ.”

Bidali Jeffers is a refugee from South Sudan who now works for Scripture Union Uganda in a refugee camp.He said: “I’ve now been living in Uganda for seven years since fleeing the civil war in my country. Although it’s not my choice, I’m serving God with children and young people while I’m here as a refugee. I have seen my dream come true, because I had dreamt about empowering and equipping children’s and young people’s leaders, to enable them to be instrumental in their families and the communities where they come from. My work with SU and being part of the Young Ambassadors programme is helping all this happen.”

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Scripture Union operates in over 120 countries around the world, actively introducing children, young people and families to Jesus and helping them to meet God through the Bible and prayer.

*Scripture Union International is a UK based charity supporting the network of independent national SU movements in ministry, sustainability and through developing community and partnerships.