God’s word for times like these

Day 1: Keep On Asking

Our prayers may be awkward. Our attempts may be feeble. But since the power of prayer is in the one who hears it and not in the one who says it, our prayers do make a difference.

Max Lucado

This passage is a challenging one, involving God’s judgement on two cities. In the midst of this stands Abraham. As you read this passage, did you notice how persistent Abraham was? He continued to call out to God to answer his prayers. Abraham cared so deeply for his friends and family that he never gave up asking for God’s intervention. In these uncertain times, whilst the global pandemic spreads, we can choose to be like Abraham. We can call out to God on behalf of the vulnerable, and our friends and families. Imagine what Abraham would have thought as he spoke to God? Did he have his nephew, Lot’s family, on his mind? Would he have felt relieved that he had not chosen those lands? Did he think that God was being harsh and the judgement was too severe?

With your family

From the news, pick a country that you are unfamiliar with that is stricken with the virus. Pray for the leaders, medical professionals and patients.

Can you think of something now, or from when you were a child, that you kept asking your parents to do? Talk about these together. What was the result of this persistent asking? Abraham asked God a question six times because he was concerned for the people he cared about. Today we can have confidence in knowing:

  • God cares… He always cares
  • God is listening… He is always listens
  • God is big enough to cope with our persistent asking
  • We can trust God even when we may not understand what is happening

What is something that you want to ask God today? This might be something your whole family wants to ask for together. Write it down and put it into a box on your meal table or somewhere you can see it regularly. Whenever you eat this week, have someone read it out, and then pray for it together.


Lord during these times of uncertainty, we plead for the world that is suffering. Have mercy on us. Amen