God’s word for times like these

Day 6: Pause

Find a comfortable place to sit. Notice what is around you. As you notice, say these words to yourself, ‘Therefore do not worry.’

As many of us around the world find ourselves inside, this passage comes as a reminder to stop and look out of the window. Notice the clouds in the sky, watch a bird circle on the wind, pay attention to the flower growing in the container by your door. As we pause and take notice, we can hear Jesus’ words afresh, ‘Are you not of more value than they?’ These words, spoken thousands of years ago, are coming to life for us in new ways. Our creator God cares more for us than the blades of grass. Jesus urges his friends not to worry about tomorrow. While we will naturally have concerns, we are not to be overcome. Rather, we can focus our attention on the things of God. We are to strive for God’s kingdom. Now is the time to seek God’s righteousness, and to bring God’s presence to those we meet, whether in our own homes or via a screen. Let us encourage each other to take one day at a time, for today’s troubles are enough for today (v34).

With your family

If you are allowed to go outside, go for a walk as a family. Notice together:

  • Five things you can see
  • Four things you can hear
  • Three things you can feel
  • Two things you can smell
  • One thing you can taste.

Find a place on your walk or when you get home to sit down and read this passage again together. You might like to read a verse each.

If you cannot go outside, walk around your house doing the same thing. See what things you can find inside that God created. Then sit together around a table or somewhere comfortable and read the passage again.


Creator God, thank you for your care of us, you notice each one of us and that you love us deeply. Help us be people who turn our focus to you, and your kingdom. Amen