God’s word for times like these

Day 3: Turn to God for Healing

Yahweh’s rescuing act is a restoration… the metaphor of healing has a public dimension in which Yahweh can restore the wellbeing of a wounded city or people

W Brueggemann, Theology of the Old Testament

King Solomon and Israel have just dedicated the new temple to God and then God speaks to Solomon. He tells him that, when the difficult times come (including plague), there is a process for the people to receive God’s healing: be humble, pray, seek, turn, hear, forgive – then healing will come. It’s a combination of dependence on God and action.

Like Solomon, we can demonstrate to people this act of total dependence on God. For if we turn to God, He will heal.

With your family

In the Bible reading today, God reminds us of what we are to do when faced with challenging times (verse 14).

Our Part: to pray, seek and turn

God’s Promise: to hear, forgive and heal

Can you make up some simple hand or body actions to go with each of these action words? Divide your family members into two groups and say and demonstrate to each other. Then swap. Read together the great promise that God gives us in verse 15 My eyes will be open and my ears attentive. Use two sheets of paper. Find some materials in your home that could be used to create a large ‘eye’ on one sheet and a large ‘ear’ on the other e.g. pasta, leaves, string, buttons, etc. As you create these together, talk about what you think God is hearing and seeing today in your community and in the world. Some will be positive. Some will be sad. Display your creations on your wall as a reminder of God’s caring presence.


Lord, we humble ourselves and call on You. Hear us. Heal us, we pray.. Amen