God’s word for times like these

Day 2: Run for Refuge

Our God, our Help in ages past, Our Hope for years to come, Our Shelter from the stormy blast, And our eternal Home.

Isaac Watts

Read: Psalm 90

As most of us are experiencing a ‘lockdown’, and/or working from home, we probably think on times when we could enjoy wide open spaces! Moses and the people of Israel were in the wilderness – open space! But it seemed as though their heads were still inside Egypt. This must have been a very difficult time for Moses and we can feel the anguish within this Psalm – which is possibly the only Psalm he wrote. However, Moses points us to a God who listens, who answers and who has compassion. This is a God who has been, is and will be – our dwelling place. In him there is safety, security, shelter, protection and refuge.

With your family

Choose different country today that is in a desperate situation and pray for God’s protection and safety for them.

As it was in Moses’ day, so it is with us now. We live in challenging times. But in the middle of Moses’ words he writes that we can “…celebrate… be glad … be happy” (verses 14,15).

Find something in your home that you can make into a smiley face e.g. a paper plate, cut out some pieces of paper/ cardboard, a frisbee, etc. Everyone can create one or two (or more) and write or stick on some things happening in your community that make you happy (and makes God happy as well!) Display them around your home as reminders in these hard and sad times.

Sing (and add some new verses to) “If you’re happy and you know it…” – try adding some new verses too.


Lord, thank You for reminding us that in the shifting sands of time, You are our dwelling place eternally. Amen